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The exception thrown is: At logging level two 2 and four 4 only access from one mailbox-enabled user to another mailbox is logged. The data includes an Activity ID that you can cross-reference to error or warning events to help diagnose the problem that caused this error. It could not access the mailbox because the Mailbox server is offline. This is common error, which can be handled by re-registering performance counters use http:

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Here is the list of Event IDs, description and its solution: Contact the administrator to install the driver before you log in again. Not sure why this article skipped this bit of information, but it is certainly documented on the Microsoft website.

If the Recoverable Items Quota is exceeded, the user will be unable to delete items from the mailbox. No such host is known. Some data will be purged once it reaches the max limit. This is an unusual amount of time for an xtore to process a single event.

Event ID: Source: MSExchange Store Driver

Connected to warning Ensure that message size limits are same within all environment, especially FrontEnd and HUB transport messahe limits must correspond to not get messages rejected with NDR — http: This was a thorn in my side for 2days until I found the comments on this site. At logging level two 2 and four 4 only access from one mailbox-enabled user to another mailbox is logged. The main focus is on: When a valid time stamp is received from a time service provider, ksexchange time service will correct itself.


The database copy status will be set to Disconnected. Data loss occurred in RetentionAgent: Calendar logging has been stopped for the mailbox until more space becomes available.

Performance counter updating error. Is there any answer about the last reply?

Event ID – 1029

DC can be down for maintenance. This can occur if a user tries to modify the same item from multiple computers.

Specifically, make sure that your firewall is configured so that requests to Exchange ActiveSync do not expire before they have the opportunity to be processed.

This should be sent to the vendor of the application server calling async. Posted October 13th, under Exchange At logging level one 1only actions for which the acting user invoked administrative privileges are logged.

A notification has been sent to the user. Event logs gathering Write-Host “Event logs gathering No action needed 50 Error Microsoft-Windows-Time-Service The time service detected a time difference of greater than milliseconds for seconds.


Mailbox Access Auditing with Exchange SP2 «

The problem may resolve itself. The certificate is needed to sign the outgoing token. No immediate action needed. Operation has been aborted. You must have Javascript enabled in your Browser in order to submit a comment on this site. An exception occurred and was handled by Exchange Stoge. Watson report about to be sent for process id: The user cannot copy or move items into the archive mailbox.

I have created a database of common event log Errors and Warning generated on Exchange servers. I am successfully able to audit the logs and I can see the events.