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The message-tracking tool in the console can be useful, but it’s a lot slower than building your own queries with PowerShell. The value is Message Tracking Log. Contains the reason why the message was throttled. Although the title of the message tracking pane seems to indicate that it’s processing delivery reports, don’t worry: The other placeholders in the log file names represent the following information: The UTC date-time of the message tracking event.

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Friday, April 26, If you’re still unable to determine what’s happening, there’s one more tool we’ll cover here that might help you make sense of what’s happening in your environment. On Mailbox servers, the maximum size of the message tracking log folder is three times the specified value.

Message tracking | Microsoft Docs

A message tracking log file is basically just a text file in CSV format. Notify me of new comments via email. Additional information exchamge the message. By default, message subject tracking is enabled. The submission queue is already discussed, but there are more queues:. Now tsoredriver we’ve gone through message tracking, you should be well equipped to determine whether a message was delivered and if not, where it stalled.


For example I can find the top 10 senders to Alan Reid storedrivrr seconds, instead of re-running the entire Get-MessageTrackingLog search again. I checked the Event Viewer and no errors at or near the time of the issues. An example value is A message was redirected to an alternative recipient after an Active Directory lookup.

I recall that this sounds like an issue fixed in a later service pack or rollup. The internal-message-id of a message is different in the message tracking log of every Exchange server that’s involved in the transmission of the message.

A moderator for a moderated recipient never approved or rejected the message, so the message expired.

Message tracking

The delifer transmission from the Mailbox Transport Submission service to the Transport service was deferred. Problem is intermittent and occurs for random users at random time intervals, however it only seems to happen for internal emails.

Might contain the Internal-Message-Id value. For instructions on how to disable subject stoerdriver, see Exchanbe message tracking. You can see the results using the Get-MessageTrackingLog cmdlet. There are no open issues. Paul, Thanks for a great article, and glad you are still active on it. A message was automatically resubmitted from Safety Net.


But the question IS: The event source was an Inbox rule. Delivery reports for administrators: As the internal network works on ipv4, I temporarily disabled ipv6 in the network settings, and in the EAC under message flow: It would be better if we could get via powershell only the failed message logs which did not deliver to the internal users from external world.

Internal emails work fine. The following table describes the values of the source field.

I should also note the new system is an entirely new Windows domain as well. An important thing to note is that even if a message source and destination mailbox database is the same even then the message goes through hub transport server. Version number of the Exchange server that created the entry in the message tracking log.

Message generated by inbox rules: