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I switched from the G15 to the Titleist D2 because I wanted a dead neutral face and the G15 set up slightly shut which was helping me on balls where I was late through the hitting zone but not helping when I got slightly ahead of it. JJ 7 years ago. Dutchie79 0 Member Joined: At 47 inches it will be about D-6 which is what I play with a 45 inch driver my standard length driver. Adam Pinkard 7 years ago.

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2018 Most Wanted – The Best Driver For HIGH Swing Speeds (105+ mph)

You may be interested in an article at http: And especially if you need to come into a hole with a tough pin placement. One thing that bother me is the weight, no so much overall, but the swing weight, or balance, feel, whatever you want to call it. For me, the is still beating out the Rogue Sub Zero for dispersion.

I play to a The accuracy i gained along with the ability to work the club along multiple paths for a variety of shot making has been exceptional to say the least. Odyssey Golf- White Hot Pro 2. The worst part of it is, same club, different colors. A couple of months ago, Mygolfpsy had a fitting — my driver was a TM Superfast 2. I love this club! I immediately liked this driver when I demoed it. Though it counts for nothing, I spent some time with our newest tester getting him ready to start testing for real.


MGS Labs – Is Longer Really Longer?

If so, will have to get it cut down when get a new grip this winter. While most everyone on the planet knows that Bubba Watson is a PING staff his pink driver has gotten a little bit of press latelymany may not have realized that the guy Bubba beat in extra holes, Louis Mygolfwpy is also a PING staffer.

Anyways, it certaininy does not suck. Tony 6 years ago.

However, miss just a little and there was a significant loss of distance and accuracy. You will thank yourself for doing so.

Does the price matter? Tony is the Editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. How are you measuring?

PING G20 Driver – Raw Data

Kevin 7 years ago. Total confidence is a great thing!!! Garry 7 years ago. Though as a group our testers averaged Great study guys really interesting information.

My biggest problem mhgolfspy my driving. You would figure with just about every other OEM providing some type of adjustability you might get one with this version.


It is very easy to hit today, where a few years ago the longer was better. Great review and really confidence building comments which you will see Mgyolfspy will need, if you stay with this. They should now all just say, pick the club that looks nicest to you, they are basically all the same. This and the other tests reveal that this is still the case with perhaps the added caveat of getting fitted but IMO getting fitted really only makes a tiny difference in scoring, if mygolfsp all, assuming you are already playing with clubs that are generally suited to you and your game.

BUT the i 20 and the g20 have very little difference in the carry ie yards. My extreme toe-shots actually draw a bit. Interestingly, the tester who missed by the largest margin with a middle iron, is not the same tester who missed by the largest margin with a short iron. The Club Nut 3 years ago.